DAS Field Trip to Emirates Aviation College and Etihad Aviation Training, UAE

Last week, Faculty of Airline Services sent 36 of our students accompanied by 2 lecturers to visit UAE. The aim of this field trip was to visit Emirates Aviation College and Etihad Aviation Training. Apart from that, our students also had the experience visiting few attractions in UAE.

On the first day of arrival, our students went for desert tour. They also had the chance to experience dune bash, enjoyed live entertainment shows including Tenure Dance, Fire Show and Belly Dance. It was truly an enjoyable moment for them as it was their first-time visiting Dubai.

On the next day, our students went to Emirates Aviation College. Throughout the tour, the college staffs brought the students around the college and introduced them about the culture of the company and training facilities. It was such a great exposure as Emirates Aviation College is one the best Airline companies around the globe. By exposing this to our students, they will become more passionate in building their career in becoming cabin crew. Our students were given few days of free and easy schedule to visit the attractions they are interested.

After that, the students went to visit Etihad Aviation Training. Faculty of Airline Services had visited Etihad Aviation Training centre for the second time as the last time we visited here was a year ago. This one-day tour enables the students to experience the demonstration by actual cabin crew instructors, hands-on equipment, and some practical activities by using their mock-up facilities. This training aims to enable our students to expand the students' insight with regards to the actual aviation training and foretaste the actual cabin crew training.

Last but not least, our students visited Abu Dhabi city and Ferrari World before heading back to Malaysia.

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