Our specially designed F.E.S.T.S (Field Trip, Event, Society and Clubs, Training and Supports) programme provides students with a balanced mix of academic and co-curricular activities that widens their perspective, enriches their life-experience, and exposes them to the various trainings provided by top airline companies.

The students of Diploma in Airline Services also features several adventurous characteristics. Through the field trip, it will encourage the students to explore the world, broaden the students’ insights and experience the unique culture worldwide.  In addition, this is to improve the student’s teamwork spirit as it is one of the important soft skills that the students should learn.

Places we have visited


Singapore Tiger Brewery Tour



Recent Activities

The students are encouraged to participate in various events and competitions. The competitions range from English Speaking Contest, Korean Speaking Contest to Mr & Miss Crescendo. These are to motivate the students to apply the knowledge they have learned with lifestyle situation. Besides, we always create events to celebrate the student’s achievement. It is to enable the students to feel connected and to create a sense of belonging with the Faculty.


The events we had ;-




The students have the opportunity to join the clubs and societies based on their interests. These clubs and societies can build the students’ leadership skills that might become a competitive edge for their future career.

Red Splendor
Red Splendor

Red Spledor is DAS' dance club. Most of the time, they cover the latest k-pop dance.

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Korean Culture Club
Korean Culture Club

Korean Culture Club always prepare Korean Food to share with local students.

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Junior Red Splendor
Junior Red Splendor

Dance performance prepared by new intake students

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Red Splendor
Red Splendor

Red Spledor is DAS' dance club. Most of the time, they cover the latest k-pop dance.

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  • Korean Culture Club

  • Safety Demonstration Club

  • Red Splendor (Dance Club)

  • Chi - Ko Club

  • Chinese Club

  • Sign Language Club

  • The Beauty Inside Club

  • IN.K Club

  • English Speech Club

  • はじめましょう (Japanese Club)

  • GTC (Go to Japan Club)

  • Topas Sellconnect




A cabin crew has to complete an initial cabin crew training after he or she is being successfully selected  by an airline company. With our programme, the students might have the opportunity to experience one-day training with the airline company. They will learn CEET, door drill, wet drill, in-flight serving etc. These training activities are to enable the students to explore the real aviation industry and to improve their insight and knowledge in the industry.


Malaysia Airlines Academy (MABA)

CAE Training Center


Garuda Indonesia Training Center (GITC)


Etihad Aviation Training

Student Council

The student council represents the group of students from different intakes. They are the leaders of the students. They are incharge to provide information / announcement to the students and communication between students and the college authorities.

April 2017 Intake:

President: Kelvin Lim

Vice President: Lynn Chan

Secretary: Shawn Dylan

April 2018 Intake:

President: Jared Gow

Vice President: Eshu

Secretary: Hana

September 2017 Intake:

President: Bob Im

Vice President 1: Joy Bang

Vice President 2: Summer Park

Treasurer: Tommy Song

Secretary 1: Cassie Jang
Secretary 2: Emily Kim

September 2018 Intake:

President: Lucas

Vice President: Meriel

Secretary 1: Mina

Secretary 2: Joan

Career Talk

We arrange various career talk for student to inspire them in real working environement.


TOEIC Preparation class is available for students as it is one of the requirement by the aviation industry.

HSK certificate

HSK is a Chinese Proficiency Test, student could now take the certificate examination in our college.


We also provide counselling service to the students if they need any advises on personal or career development.