We care about a student’s study-leisure balance in daily life. Their campus life should have a mix of fun and busy. Studying as a student of Diploma in Airline Services has a very packed academic schedule. They will be busy for their daily classes, assessments and examinations. We aim to educate the student the time management to have a study-leisure balance environment through Crescendo Air College life to optimize their precious time. We believe that the rest time are important for student especially after long study hours. However, it does not mean that a student should do nothing and chill during their rest time. Yet, they should have their rest time with beneficial activities. It is our critical responsible to provide them various kind of beneficial activities especially most of our students are in the transition of study life to career life.

The Faculty of Diploma in Airline Services also furnishes the students with amusing and engaging college life through F.E.S.T.S.. F.E.S.T.S was established in 2017, with an aim to cultivate the students with cabin-crew-liked characteristics such as adventurous and outgoing. Students should not be restricted with the boundary of the textbook knowledge, they should go beyond that, immerse and explore in various environment to expand their insights and enhance their capabilities.


Thereby, we aim to achieve 4 goals through Crescendo Air College Life

Leadership is a critical skill that is not only required by a cabin crews candidate but also any person in the society. Through the college life, we encourage the student to use their creativity to organize any kind of activities. Then, they will be responsible for that activity since planning till launching.The college life activity is also aimed to explore and fulfil the student’s potential. We believe that the student will learn to be independent through this opportunity of learning.

Airline services industry is an industry that requires high level of discipline and teamwork. Students have to learn to work in a group, understanding the importance of cooperation among the team members and identify how they could manage a teamwork. We aims to provide a teamwork environment for the students through activities in college life. They should also understand the importance of networking as they are the first line crews that will communicate with various types of customers.



Most of our current students are young international students. We aim to provide all kinds of supports for them to be connected with our college, our culture and our society. We also want to optimize their time with beneficial activities so that it could increase the sense of belongings with our country and reduce their homesick syndrome. So that, they could better enjoy the study abroad experience.