The Diploma in Airline Services was set up in 2015 at Crescendo International College. We are the pioneer College who provides the Diploma qualification programme that focuses on Airline Services in Malaysia. The creation of this course is to fill in the niche of the tertiary education and aviation industry to provide a program that focuses on the airline services but applicable in various customer service industry. We aim to innovate aviation industry, inverted the traditional concept of aviation service education, and lead the aviation service industry to a higher standard of qualification.

This program aims to support the young generation with a comprehensive learning environment through academic theory learning, practical hands on and additional co-curricular activities, to educate them to become a higher qualification of future cabin crew.

Diploma in Airline Services

A Programme that equips the students with the aviation knowledge that fulfils the demand of the aviation industry.

"Board with Spirit,

Disembark with Knowledge"

1. Remarkable Quality of Customer Services

Cabin crews are considered one of the elites in the service industry. Their ability to provide good services that keep their passengers safe, comfortable, happy are always expected of them wherever they go. Students of our programme are trained to adopt the highest standards of practice that would make them valuable to a wide range of service related careers.

2. Experience what its like to be a Flight Attendant

Aviation knowledge and cabin crewing experience are not only imparted to students in the classroom, they are also integrated into their daily routines. Students are required to wear their uniform and practice full grooming on their daily basis. Conduct practical aviation services, and obey rules and regulations set by their own aviation industry for cabin crews.

3. A Practical-oriented Programme

Students are taught on textbook theories and given a hands-on training on how to put those theories to practice so they would know exactly how to apply them in the real situations. Essential soft skills such as interpersonal, leadership, communication, and adaptability as a cabin crew professional are also incorporated into the training.

4. Multilingual Communication Skills

We believe that the ability to communicate effectively with clients in various languages has become a necessity in this era of globalization. Our students are taught to be proficient in several international languages including English, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin, so they would have a competitive edge in market employability.

5. F.E.S.T.S Activities for a Fun Life in College

Our Carefully designed F.E.S.T.S (Field Trip, Event, Society and Clubs, Training and Supports) programme provides students with a balanced mix of academic and co-curricular activities that widens their perspective, enriches their life-experience, and exposes them to the various trainings provided by top airline companies.







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